"I love sharing Finn Books with young readers. 
The vivid pictures and calibrated text are accessible and engaging for children.”  

Kathy Collins, author of Growing Readers and Reading for Real; co-author of I Am Reading and No More Mindless Homework

"Finn Books are fantastic beginning readers for not only for students but also for teachers. My students love Finn and his adventures. I love the way the level and word count are easy to find on the back cover but my favorite aspect of Finn Books is that the text is on the back. No more wondering if the book features the sight words your students are practicing."

Brian Smith, Scholastic Top Teacher Blogger and Kindergarten Teacher

"Thank goodness I have great books, like Finn books, to teach with and inspire kids on their reading journey!"

​Paulette Levchuk,  M.Ed., CAGS,  Reading Specialist

"I suggest that classroom and reading teachers, who have already discovered how wonderful these books are, share them with your favorite speech-language pathologist!"

​Jo Cyr Mutty, MS

Finn Books

Finn Books was founded by early childhood educator Jeremy Chamberlain. With experience serving as a public school teacher, museum educator and independent bookstore employee, Jeremy inherited his passion for reading from his Nana. 


With over 45 years of experience, award winning graphic designer, Joseph Brunaccioni brings his talent to Finn Books, through his photography and design aesthetic. 

At four years old, Wheaten Terrier Finn enjoys being photographed in exchange for treats, chewing dryer sheets and chasing moths.